sympathizing with our enemies and propagandizing on their behalf is the
equivalent of making war on the country, then the Johnson and Nixon
administrations should have bombed every elite college campus in the
country during the 1960s. And as satisfying as putting Jane Fonda on a
kill list might have been, I do not think that our understanding of the
law of war would encourage such a thing.

— Kevin D. Williamson, on The Corner “On Drones, Contra Krauthammer” Feb 15 2013

Later on Mr Williamson adds:

C. McCarthy writes to assure me that under current federal law, Jane
Fonda would indeed be considered an “enemy combatant” and therefore
eligible for a place on the secret federal kill list. I suspect that
whether you regard that as a sign of progress or a sign of regress
communicates a great deal about your conception of citizenship.