Jeffrey Scott Shapiro writes

One year ago today, my friend and former publisher Andrew Breitbart died unexpectedly of a heart attack in Los Angeles.
Although Andrew
had not yet become a household name across America, he was a legend
within the conservative community and the living embodiment of a
journalistic warrior who fought against intellectual dishonesty in the
An instrumental part of The Huffington Post before it turned to the left, co-editor of the Drudge Report, commentator for The Washington Times and publisher of Breitbart News, Andrew
left an indelible mark within the world of online media, inspiring
regular Americans to become “citizen journalists” from their homes.
Andrew did memorable investigative stories in an era when real journalism had faltered. He demonstrated courage by featuring James O’Keefe’s famous undercover sting against the community activist organization ACORN. He took Rep. Anthony D. Weiner to task after the congressman exposed himself on Twitter — even hijacking the congressman’s news conference. He also called out former Obama official Shirley Sherrod for politically charged comments that led to her resignation.
Most importantly, Andrew
reminded America that it was not racist to criticize President Obama
and accurately termed political correctness “cultural Marxism.”

H/T to Rob Macomber, who also notes that he and Saul Anuzis shared time and company with Andrew Breithart, drinking at CPAC 2007 before he was famous, simply “Drudge’s guy”