This is from a Barack Obama Presidential campaign social media site.

I am going to assume that Vice-President Biden actually said this and his phrase “it’s just that simple” is not how he refers to himself in the third person.
Here is my quick-dash response to it on left-wing counterpart Chad Guerrant’s Facebook wall:

What a nasty thing to say about your own mother. Also telling that he wouldn’t help his mother and the choices in his head are “government” or “mom is on her own and screwed”

Yes, Joe Biden did indicate that his own mother is incompetent, whether it be addled by age or simply addled by Joe Biden it is difficult to say.

Humor aside the Leftist message is that our citizens reach a point where their faculties decline at an automatic age point and thus ‘the freedom to make a difficult choice’ is suddenly less virtuous to have than the ‘freedom from making a difficult choice’. That is one sample of the Essence of Leftism in contrast to the Right. The Right raises as one of its highest to tenets “freedom to” and the Left embraces “freedom from”.

As I noted before Joe indicated he will not help his mother. It is never strictly implied whether he was too busy or she had simply outlived him; I bet the latter.

The Left is very quick and insistent to claim that if the Federal Government, the highest level of government and bureaucracy, is not directing, determining, and “helping” you with very specific details of the difficult parts of the life of the common individual citizen, that individual citizen will be alone and as a result be in trouble. In this paradigm there are no loved ones to help an individual divine the best plans or devices. This paradigm especially dismisses the presence of a community or more local level of government, eschewing all sorts of helpful interaction with the real citizen, insisting that only the highest hand of human power is between the hypothetical elderly and destitution.

That really says that either Joe Biden and his fellows think so little of the American spirit of Generosity OR that these Leftists wish to dissuade you from helping others as an individual effort of your own free will.