Most Republicans and Conservatives alternate between joy and terror observing all of the idiotic things that come from Joe Biden’s lips.  Many of the accidental things he stays are incredibly ill-thought out, embarrassing or stupid.  Mind you, many of the lines his campaign calculates for him to say are incredibly awful too.   I don’t want to go into that now.

Now the joy comes from imagining that Biden is a vulnerable individual and can be (1)easily dealt with in a debate-type setting and (2) can be used to embarrass the other Democrats in a sort of ‘guilt by association’ thing.

On the other hand every intelligent individual should be pondering what kind of President of the United States Joe Biden would be.  Democrats may assume (and I cannot say if they do) that the present Vice President is merely gaff-prone in his speech but is actually competent, intelligent, and capable, especially if he were to become POTUS.  The fact is that as Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden is the living alternative to a President Barack Obama.  Until inauguration of a possible Republican President in late January 2013, Mitt Romney is NOT the closest alternative to Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden is. I doubt his judgement would help up.  We should not let him be that one whom is the heartbeat away from the Presidency.

I do not believe Republicans can use that reason for terror as a campaign tactic.  I doubt most people would believe the outlandish idea that Biden is that stupid.  So there is no joy for this.

I won’t see the Vice President as a mistake-prone innocent as many do.

Long ago before he was experienced veteran US Senator, let alone back-up leader of the free world, Biden, Biden’s first wife and children were killed in a car accident.  It was an innocent and horrible thing. 

Which raises the question of why Vice-President Biden continuously lied, over and over and over again as to the cause of the accident.  This complete reprobate claimed repeatedly that the other driver was drunk, when no such thing had occurred.  Even after driver died, years after the accident, the Vice-President besmirched the man’s name and humiliated the man’s family.  This is hardly a slip of the tongue.  This is a bonafide lie.

This lie is so grievous it should be brought up and rectified at every opportunity, not spread further.