I met many individuals.

The odd thing was that so many people recognized my name; I forget so easily that this has been an online community that I have been playing in for around seven years.  I am not famous but they recognize the name from Twitter.

I should expect to meet some people from DONTGO.

I haven’t seen as many names (last night) that I recognize as I expect to but I imagine that will change today.  These faces are new to me.  This should be the first of many conferences.

So many folk had the pleasure of an encounter with me, including the boss of my friend Scott “Hagerstorm” Hagerstrom.  John Fund had the pleasure as well.  If John Fund remembers my name by the end of the weekend it shall be quite different.

The business cards I collected from people I met at the Thursday night reception are: Scott Barton of the IHS, who worked/works with my friend Leon Drolet; Richard Johnson, who apparently believes that we are both in a state of doom yet should still hope; David West, my former colleague at #DONTGO Movement.  More on David West and DontGo later.

You should realize that this is a blog entry of my personal experiences and thus atypical of an ApoloDeman entry.  This is officially an off-topic post for that very reason.