How comic book writer Warren Ellis describes Die Puny Humans.

die puny humans is my newsmine. I wanted a place to put my research that was accessible, searchable, and, crucially, not cluttering up my bloody computer. This is it. Means I can get to my stuff from anywhere with a web connection. Anything I find on my daily trawls around the web that interests me goes up here.

His blog predates mine by some weeks, perhaps months.  The idea of a series of links and articles I could create and access, read and study from any online location appeals to me.  In many ways it still does. While Facebook has its utilities for quickly posting information it is impossible for use as an effective resource, especially in terms of ordering and searching for data and words posted.

The most primitive and juvenile similarity between my blog and Ellis’s is the beligerence and antagonism in the respective names: Die Puny Humans and Apologies Demanded.  Each name presupposes an offense being committed and a need for an aggressive posture.

Warren Ellis is a professional writer and thus his newsmine has a minimum of his own writing and mine has come to be dominated by mine… at least until these past few months and this past year.  Now in many respects it is like his back in 2003: mostly excerpts.

In a way this all came directly from Warren Ellis, with a mix of stuff from the Corner.  Yet hopefully I will focus now and again to the point where I can make many posts as like a newsmine: dots.  The dots are easy; I desire the time to connect the dots and make Apologies Demanded the living notes for my book: less a manifesto and more a tome of philosophy.

So we have write of the past.  Next we discuss the future.