I was referred to this website over Facebook last week:

It is quite awesome in its scope and in its goals.

More impressive than its scope is its focus.  It achieves a diversity of content while keeping a very tight dedication as to what the weblog is about.  Anyone skimming the posts on the front page could have no trouble discerning the unified tone and flavor, despite the many authors.

The original intention of Apologies Demanded was not a philosophy blog as I have not entirely been a philosopher in days long past.  I was a philosopher in my other writings and in my personal demeanor yet this weblog was not about articulating a personal or political philosophy in any form, let alone a cohesive form.  The political content was partisan and jingoistic and held to a rightist dogma but there was little effort to explaining my overall system for divining right from wrong.  I had one then as I do now and while less mature it was essentially the same.

I based the intentions of Apologies Demanded as a synthesis of purpose between National Review Online’s The Corner and Warren Ellis’s DiePunyHumans.com
Die Puny Humans is long since extinct as Warren Ellis folded its function into WarrenEllis.com, for better or for worse.

At some point I decided quite simply that this weblog would link what are ostensibly current events with what are “first principles”, “permanent things”.  There is a philosophical bent to nearly everything unless the actors are clearly blind.

At some point I thought this weblog should present my take on certain issues that are everlasting and recurrent so I never have to explain myself again, merely cite the relevant entry. That idea went to dust as at certain points I procrastinated or had no time.

In the meantime I never really considered this blog to be a chronicle or reflection of current events, let alone a medium for news and information, given the small audience.

When the blog was on both Matt Margolis’s Blogs for Bush and the Comic Book Weblog list I considered making this a waystation where political nerds could have comic book and genre fiction explained to them and lefty comic book freaks could finally have sociopolitical truths beaten into their dense brain tissues.  I lacked the discipline then as well.

Generally this blog is whatever I feel like it to be, most of the time.  That is the mission statement.

In point of fact this weblog is still big on culture and theology and I enjoy connecting the dots.  The great thing about a newsmine, however, is that it allows you to lay out dots.