Having ran for public office once as a Republican I love and respect the common custom of endorsing the candidate to whom you lost in a Primary. It was a wonderful Partisan tradition and it how it proceeds both indicates levels of class and showmanship.

Endorsing your former opponent enthusiastically indicates a level of partisan unity and also a certain degree of class as one sets aside the conflict of the last half-year and dedicates the next quarter of a year to electorally stomping on someone new, regardless of credit or attention.

The showmanship shows when Hillary Clinton endorsed Barack Obama in a community called Unity, New Hampshire. Stuff like that at least implies sincereity.

Really of that stuff of being in a political party is stuff I can get behind.

Now there are great many functions that belong to a state Republican Party and the Republican National Committee and I respect those too. Yet there is a strict reason why I do not give money to these organizations. I do not give money to Michigan Republican Party, God bless them, and never am I tossing a few dollars to the RNC.

For one thing it is a matter of control. I don’t see the Republicans in general as the best force for our common set of causes. I see some specific Republicans in the stable as assets in our long term crusade for liberty. In general when I hypothetically contribute to an organization with a broad set of agreeable principles I find that my knowledge of what sort of candidate or campaign infrastructure that I fund is nil.

The fact is I want to know. My emphasis on which issues matter of those in our mutual platform may be different than the Republican Party.

Which is essentially why I am careful as to what Political Action Committees I contribute to. I donate money to smaller Party organizations, such as County parties or the South Oakland Area Republicans because I have a more than fair notion as to who they will support with the cash. I won’t give cash to Sarah Palin’s PAC because I don’t necessarily trust that the money will go to candidates that I believe are viable or would place emphasis on the issues that I feel are important.

What do these organizations believe in? They believe what I believe. Those beliefs when articulated and worked upon by other agents can be interpreted in ways that while not inoffensive are simply less efficient or effective than when my vision is made manifest by people closer to my own initial point of view.

That is to say I like to choose my own candidates, or at least fund my own local crusades.

The exception is special interests or issues-based organizations. That is at least why I founded Vice-PAC MI. The Vice-PAC supports candidates based on how they would tackle certain issues relating to regulation of private property and privately-owned businesses, especially in terms of liquor licenses and generally when the state government oversteps its boundaries in determining regulations for these restaurants and shops. The government has a proper role in keeping people safe and free and deciding that a caterer’s liquor license does not apply to his catering is one of those overly-enthusiastic overseeings. As it is I can guarantee that the people that Vice-PAC MI supports, regardless of party lines, will support a more liberty-leaning stance in terms of how the government relates to the food service private businesses.

That is where the money goes. There will be an voting track record on the issues.

There are other organizations that do similar things. Obviously right to life organizations give money to halt abortions. Planned Parenthood wants more tax dollars so it has a PAC to fund candidates so they’ll reciprocate. I’m halfway certain that public television has a PAC. It is all above board and I approve.

Best of all if you give to Planned Parenthood’s PAC you are under no illusions as to for what the money funds. These crusades should be an open book.

That said if you want to donate to the Republican Party I think of several reasons to do so. If you want to donate to an organization similar to the Republican Party, such as HuckPAC, FredPAC, or SarahPAC…. I really don’t know why you should.

Then there is PolloPAC but since I think Trevor Pollo is running for office down the line I don’t see any harm in giving him money; I even encourage it.

Mind you that does not answer the question of what kind of Republican I am. Yet this blog is not about me and never was. Suffice to say that I will be a team player and that I joined the team for our common cause; I will never ever let the Republican team determine what my cause is for me.

That said it is almost always a safe bet to defeat the Democrats. There are reasons for leaving some alone and reasons for attacking them in whatever office for which they aspire to run.