Jeff Conklin of Haslett, MI made this argument, printed in the Lansing State Journal on November 15, 2010.

our lawmakers sponsor legislation requiring proper “fetus disposal.” Instead, our representatives and every one of us should be doing everything in our power to halt this atrocity, as well as begging God to have mercy on this nation.

Morally speaking he is correct that we should stop the practice of abortion. Part of this crusade, however, needs to be a culture war where he instill the value of these children into the people, the common citizens, and the abortion workers and this is part of it.

Another part of it is that an all-out legislative assault on the horrible practice would fail in the courts.  Part of winning a war is being patient as we pick our battles.

On the other hand his description of the abortion phenomenon seems apt:

A woman is pregnant with a baby boy. Imagine his name is John. Seven weeks go by, and his heart is beating. After three months, his fingers have formed. John has his own heartbeat, fingerprints, and one-of-a-kind DNA! He’s developing steadily – a brand new, distinct, unique person. John is safe and warm in his mother’s womb. One day, he will be born and feel her loving embrace but, something’s wrong.
There is the sound of a vacuum – some machine. Where there should only be peace and safety, something is intruding. John is violently extracted from his mother’s womb. He’s literally torn apart. “The procedure” is successful.
John is dead. He is thrown out like common garbage.
The mother’s “right” to choose death for her child has been upheld.
John’s right to life has not.

Technological progressives and various women’s groups will not be taking the side of the baby in that scenario.