Like I care about copyright; I think fair use is important for criticism and archives are important to that!  Here are some selected letters from the Lansing State Journal, published on November 16, 2010.

For instance, I did not know this about wine or wine distribution.

The Oct. 31 “Other Voices” column on wine distribution from the Traverse City Record Eagle misses the mark.

There is legislation being considered which, among other benefits to the hospitality industry, would streamline and modernize how Michigan distributes wine. As a beer distributor in Mid-Michigan, we follow territorial integrity, and it has benefited craft brewers, local retailers, job creation and consumers.
Territorial integrity encourages competition and growth. As a distributor, I am fully committed to selling and marketing Brand X, while another distributor is doing the same for Brand Y.
Applied to wine distribution, this means more competition in the region and greater opportunities for Michigan wineries to get their products marketed.
Without territorial integrity, distributors have less incentive to compete. This system holds distributors accountable and assures that all retailers will be properly serviced.
It helps track products efficiently so consumers don’t get tainted products. Territorial integrity helped make Michigan the Great Beer State, with more than 70 terrific craft brewers and brewpubs. It can do the same for wine and help this sector succeed.

Nick Pavona
M&M Distributors, Inc.

I also have no way of confirming if what he says is true.

Now let’s celebrate some soft tyranny in action.

On Nov. 18, the American Cancer Society will celebrate the 35th annual Great American Smokeout.
This year, I will celebrate by visiting one of my local bars or restaurants that I didn’t want to go to before May 1, but now that the smoke is finally out of Michigan, I will go.

Last year, our legislators gave workers a great gift making Michigan the 38th state to go smokefree.

Now, workers do not have to choose between their health and their paycheck.

This gift came at a great time in my life as well! I have two beautiful little daughters whom I would not take out to the restaurants in my area because they allowed smoking. Now, I don’t have to worry about my family being subjected to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. I feel good about being able to support more of my local establishments, too!

For this year’s Great American Smokeout, we really have something to celebrate.

Katie Wilson

Mrs. Wilson does not see the irony that as she celebrates her choice to take her kids to restaurants, as she laments the cause of her earlier choice to not take them to restaurants earlier, she celebrates the loss of freedom of choice of the many private citizens that privately own these private businesses that she chooses to patronize in public.

Now I love the results of the smoking ban and I hate second-hand cigarette smoke almost as much as I hate the first-hand cigarette smoke but what I hate is the obstruction of private property rights so that some busybodies can feel better.

One more letter here as we see that leftism and (I suppose it is tyranny) involves taking people’s tax dollars and using it to…. decorate very expensively.

In the Nov. 10 LSJ, there was an article about a plan to spend $194 million to dress up Michigan and Grand River avenues between the Capitol and Meridian Mall.
This sum is about double what it cost to build the five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge.
This exorbitant expense will be borne by “federal, state and local coffers,” all of which are presently empty.
So, for the sake of improving the appearance of two area thoroughfares – and adding a few more buses to travel along them – we are foolishly going to borrow many millions of dollars from the Chinese.
Where are angry members of the “tea party” when we really need them?
Americans are living far beyond their means, putting things on the public credit card with no concern about the financial consequences.
When, in the not-too-distant future, the chroniclers of world history write the chapter on why the U.S. went bankrupt, this silly proposed project will be one of many submitted as evidence to explain the national downfall.

Le Roy Barnett
Grand Ledge

Well in theory it is our tax money although by the time we pay it back to the foreign people, if we ever do, it will be our money plus the money of our decedents, although I suppose in a meta sense that is “ours”.

Have no doubt that Bastiat would not approve.