Far leftist Democrat commentator Lawrence O’Donnell desperately wants to have a fight with independent (possibly former conservative) former Republican Bruce Bartlett but rapidly collides with the dilemma that because of his background Mr Bartlett hates most Republicans and refuses to be pigeonholed or to align himself with viewpoints of an accepted orthodoxy.

Mr Bartlett certainly seems conservative in his methodology and is correct that most Republicans desire to use a 1980 solution for 2011 problems, 2012 problems and now 2015 problems.

It is not 1980.

Lawrence O’Donnell is still a jerk. He eventually get satisfaction from finding someone that can hit the Republican candidates with a rhetorical sock full of pennies yet the great divide between O’Donnell and Bartlett is that Bartlett is less ideological at his premise and he can critique the proposed fiscal policies without using a straw man.