I quote Jacob Witte

Two endless wars, skyrocketing deficits, massive unpaid tax cuts, torture, ignoring natural disasters, suspending habeas corpus, lying to the world about said wars, deregulating banks that caused a once-in-75-year-recession, doing nothing a…bout housing bubble, and a bogus Medicare expansion that added billions upon billions to the deficit.

I can’t name too many other Presidents who did that many bad things during their time in office.

Oh and sitting for 7 minutes reading a children’s book while thousands of American were dying (on American soil, I might add) doesn’t bode to well for him either.

Oh, and joking at a state dinner about “Where’d those WMD’s go?” while soldiers were dying due to his complete ignorance doesn’t look well on his record.

If anyone in the universe has time for such a thing, each of these clauses represents a discussion topic all its own. These would be good discussion. Accepting each at face value is the height of foolishness.

How else can I smell cliche? The last imperative statement is to

Turn off the Rovian propaganda