I found a David Brin newsletter issue in my old e-mails. It’s hard to believe I found only one. It is dated February 2009.

Hello fellow fans of the future!  David Brin here.  I know it has been
a very long time since I have come out with one of my update-
newsletters.  As an experiment, I moved this list over to Google
Groups.  I hope it is convenient for all of you.

(The member list is re-filling so slowly, I will go ahead and post
this to the first 35o people and re-post a week or two later.  Sorry.)

Remember, I only send these out a few times a year!  And you can opt-
out any time.


Alert: My TV show "Life After People" re-appears on the History
Channel 2/28 5pm!  They plan to turn it into a series.  I'll be on
most episodes.

My most recent book falls into the category of a science fiction
"related work." It is "Through Stranger Eyes" -- a collection of of my
liveliest essays and book reviews, Including some provocative essays
about Star Wars, Tolkien and Trek! Also ruminations on great minds
from Feynman to Muybridge, along with literature and science far
afield from SF. Published by Nimble Press. 

My recent novella - "Shoresteading" - set in a near future of rising
seas and tensions, offers a stand-alone glimpse into my next novel.
This fast paced tale of mystery and alien artifacts is posted online
for free on Jim Baen's Universe Magazine.

They hope some of you will give it a Hugo nomination. I won't
complain! See the novella at:  http://baens-universe.com/articles/Shoresteading__Part_One

Universe is the best online SF magazine ever, packed with exciting
stories! Including several stand-alone David Brin novellas, plus my
new serial-comedy
"The Ancient Ones"... it's funniest thing you'll read this
year! Subscribe using a special discount coupon code, just for my
fans! EE329517B2

I'm also hard at work on a sprawling near future novel called
Existence. Stay tuned!

Yes, folks want more Uplift! I do hope to get back to Tom, Creideiki
and other Uplift adventures.  Till then, see the uplift story
"Temptation" downloadable at http://www.davidbrin.com/shortstories.html  Also
a new uplift comedy on Universe, in the next few months.

PS here's a hint... some will argue that my next novel, Existence, is


Sky Horizon, a short but exciting novel in the Heinlein tradition won
the Hal Clement Award for best SF novel for young adult readers.   The
limited run, from Subterranean, is sold out. I'll announce when a mass
market edition is available... as well as the sequel, written with the
great young author Jeff Carlson!

Kiln People is a fast-moving noir detective novel, set in a vivid
future when people can literally be in two places at once. 

The graphic novel "The Life Eaters" explores how mystically-obsessed
Nazis might have hoped to use a bizarre kind of magic. With stirring
art by Scott Hampton. (The French were keen on this one.) 

For a fun, nonfiction romp that stirred lots of controversy, see: Star
Wars on Trial : Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Debate the Most
Popular Science Fiction Films of All Time from Benbella Books. 


I was a cast member on the History Channel show "The ArchiTechs" as
well as History's most popular show ever:  "Life After People." I'm
now appearing frequently on the science shows "The Universe" and
"Alien Worlds."  (ArchiTechs was great!  See: http://htyp.org/The_ArchiTECHS)


Can individual citizens matter, in an era when the professionals seem
to think only they can protect civilization?

Is the Web helping us evolve? Is the Internet turning us into gods?

A little allegory from my nonfiction book The Transparent Society.

About the yin/yang of a coming “technological singularity”:


Interested in joining a vivid online discussion group? Drop by:

Meanwhile do keep an eye open at http://www.davidbrin.com/  for news,
plus essays and interesting stuff about the future!

Let's all keep pushing and working and exploring -- for a civilization
that is bold and open and worthy of the name.


David Brin

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I think “Life After People” is stupid, overly cynical and placing it on the History Channel is heresy.