Mike Bouchard Sorry Detroit 1-8-7. A joke. Really, You knock on a door looking for a homicide suspect and stand in front of it- your’e going to uncuff a multiple killer in the lobby by yourself! Not. I had such hope. They might want to have a real cop somewhere on set and tell them how lame this is.

Matt Dolengowski Wouldn’t SRT “eliminate the threat” once he pointed the weapon at a police officer? Even though the lobby shooting was a joke it was factually accurate in the past 12 years 50% of all fatal officer shootings happen within 5 feet or less

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  • Mike Bouchard Most shootings are up close Matt but a prisoner like that would be shackled, belly cuffed and have two escorts

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  • Brian Webb When did DPD get their Air Unit back? LOL. The actual DPD cars aren’t depicted accurately. Not impressed to say the least but it might come around. We will see.

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  • Matt Dolengowski Absolutely, now if he had stabbed the detective in the neck with a pen while signing a Miranda Rights agreement that would be much more real.

Mike Gaskin It will get a huge following because it is DETROIT. 187 obviously is the acronym for MURDER. It is a series. Hopefully it will continue past the first 3-4 weeks. I like the fact that we see Detroit scenes.

Ann Zimmerman OK, I get the perspective from the officers in the crowd here but it’s the first episode. How many new shows have we had to sit through for several episodes before it really hit a homer? In my book the Sopranos was one of those shows. I will keep watching it but I agree it will need to pick up the pace to keep my attention.

  • Aaron Majorana Yeah, I felt the whole cuffing and uncuffing scene at the end was a bit over the top, I’d like to see it again to see how he was able to draw the officer’s weapon and start shooting.

Brian Morton First, it’s called artistic license. A real ‘cop drama’ would be a bit dull…after all, how often do you knock on a door and a shotgun blasts through it?? Not too often! Second, it’s a TV show, the overall look and feel of the City seemed real to me (speaking as a lifelong resident) and it didn’t bash the City like everyone thought it would. Overall, a good start, a bit generic, but, with some issues that I can get past.

Tara Lindsay Some of the awkwardness likely comes from the fact that it was originally intended to play as if it were a reality show…they scrapped that idea when that little girl was shot and killed in Detroit last May during the filming of an actual …reality show. I give big credit to the producers, however, because they…more than most projects coming to Michigan…have made a very real effort and commitment to hire local workers for their crew. Watch the show, support those jobs. Supporting the local economy can’t get much better than sitting on your butt to watch a tv show.

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  • Paul Searle I’m with Brian on this, i laughed at some of the things that happened that would NEVER happen in real police work, however, it’s not what the tv audience would expect to happen, its all about the “drama.” We all know in real life police work, a lot of the stuff wouldn’t work out like it did in Detroit 1-8-7.

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  • Joahna Carol I haven’t seen it yet, but I have a few friends that were actors, extras or crew on set. I wonder what kind of budget they had…but still, I know what you mean. Some movies and tv shows are just too fake.

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  • Mark Baker

    Agree completely Sheriff, while expecting exceptional ‘technical advising as is fairly standard anymore (shoot I guess the ghost of Gill Hill wasn’t even available, llol), I had hoped for a far more intriguing, poignant show, that really br…ought out both the underbelly of the worst of Detroit as well as its still amazing diversity and geographic size (which very few Americans are aware of). Hopefully they set uo some focus groups for critique purposes and they’re listening to them as we type?

    The show I watched last night was at best a Journermen-level ‘Cop-Show’ and could have been shot in ANY large American city. I was VERY disappointed as you were. That said, perhaps you should offer youradvice as a Technical Advsor Sheriff? Press On…See More

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  • Mark Baker Hi Susan, I didn’t initially see you here, but you’re so correct about the flat writting; at times it was downright painful to stomach. Why wasn’t someone like Elmore Leonard (who wrote ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Jackie Brown’ and many other great gritty novels that were later adapted for film). If I’m not mistaken, Elmore still lives in Detroit; he’d make an outstanding TA for this series.

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  • Marty Knollenberg I couldn’t agree more. It was not only a lousy show but had the worst ending possible.

Mel Rogoff That pilot reminded me of all of those that were put in the lineup with minimum budget that already know they aren’t going to be accepted for full season series.

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Christopher Joshua Arndt Too few shows set in the midwest. Too many set on one of the coasts; it’s like they forget we exist. Then they throw us a bone and it’s been picked clean of the quality meat.

Joahna Carol Check this out.. an ex homicide officer commented on the show 1-8-7…: