I cannot argue with this

(Jackson, MI) – At Monday’s forum hosted by the Hillsdale County Republican Women, Brian Rooney further distinguished himself as the leading Republican candidate in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District. Rooney once again demonstrated that he is the only candidate that has the energy, enthusiasm and experience necessary to defeat Mark Schauer in November.

In his closing statement, Rooney said, “My life experiences are what make me the most qualified candidate to represent the people of Michigan’s 7th Congressional District. I have experience on the battlefield and I understand what our state’s many veterans go through when they come home. I am a small business owner so I understand the difficulties posed by excessive government regulation and taxation. Most of all, my family and I understand and appreciate the special quality of care that our doctors and nurses provide in hospitals in Michigan and across this country.” He continued, “We are a country set apart. We are an exceptional people. We have the right as Americans to be proud of our country. We are facing some tough times right now. We can and will get through them. Together, we will make America great again.”

Background on Brian Rooney

After September 11th, Brian Rooney renewed his commitment to the Marine Corps and served in combat in Iraq from 2004-2005. Since leaving the Corps, Rooney has worked as an attorney at the Thomas More Law Center, a not-for-profit public interest law firm dedicated to the protection of religious freedom and promotion of a strong national defense. For more information on Brian Rooney, please visit www.RUNWITHROONEY.com. ####

Nor will I clarify with additional context.