Here is a recap of a four-hour writers’ workshop with John Vornholt and Timothy Zahn. It was attended by a woman named “Kelly”, with her livejournal nickname “Gabri-Jade”. I am feeling a little voyeuristic when I note that her supposed photo taken with Mr. Zahn is absent from the page.

And he very kindly posed for a picture with me as well. He was so incredibly nice and approachable and encouraging, which was awesome. I had an absolutely fantastic time. It was way better than if he’d been at C4. 😀

A comment:

Oh my gosh, that is the greatest thing EVER.

I love his quote about the one original plot and the Russians brooding about it for 800 pages. *snickers* That’s the greatest quote ever.

And he looks pretty much as I’d pictured him! I see why they based Talon Karrde’s image on him. (And you look so pretty!)

I was curious what Mr. Zahn looked like as I could not recall and I did not care to google for it.

That’s what I thought too, about the experience, the quote, and basing Talon’s image on him. It was all totally awesome. 😀

Aw, thanks! I usually hate the way I look in pictures, but these weren’t too bad. :p

I also probably have a mild thing for redheads… I cannot say why.

As it is the workshop recap is quite informative, especially in regards to how the Star Wars Expanded Universe novel department dispatched with one of his greatest contributions to the Star Wards property, a character named Mara Jade.

Mr. Zahn is best known as the man who reintroduced Star Wars books to the market with his Thrawn Trilogy.

John Vornholt is known to me only as the man who wrote the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel Antimatter, which is a good book yet does not quite fit into the canon for a few reasons concerning the primary macguffin.