The simple fact is that a Muslim terrorist from Nigeria attempted to detonate an explosive device that was strapped to his person (under his clothes) and attached to his underwear. I want to call him the Knicker-Bomber but Underwear Bomber may work too. The act would have murdered over 300 people in Detroit, MI.

He would have succeeded if not for the partial failure in the device’s construction, and that a Dutch film director named Jasper tackled the villain without hesitation.

In response to an attack that was thwarted not by any American law enforcement or safety agency (the attack was thwarted by a private individual and then by other private citizens)… the American government has been working to remove various freedoms from traveling Americans in general. The attack was not attempted by an American.

These government folk are morons or tyrants or worse. They make life more stringent to make people less safe while making them feel more safe because making idiots feel safe gets more votes. Christopher Hitchens reports.