When will I be done?

  • Congressman Mark Schauer, self-described “Moderate” and Democrat party member, would clearly rather keep fidelity to his Masters within his Leftist Party regarding Healthcare re-form, as well as other issues regarding the expansion of government, than to properly and honestly representing his constituents here in the 7th District. I always knew he was dishonest that way. The man failed his constituents and he will continue to do so. This is dishonest representation.
  • Back in September Sheriff Bouchard declared that as Governor he would not let the state come to a government shutdown. All in all given his legislative background and his institutional knowledge (and he does have the knowledge) this seems credible. I do not know if two-year rolling budgets are feasible but the cry for consolidation is necessary. I have nothing ill to say. His condemnation of the budget battles as a sort of blame “brinkmanship” is not off-target either.
  • Also from September 2009 there is a poll declaring Attorney General Mike Cox as the frontrunner and Congressman Peter Hoekstra with just one percentage point behind, making it a veritable tie; Sheriff Mike Bouchard was in third place with approximately 12% behind the lead. That was almost two months ago.

    The poll found Cox with 27 percent among likely primary voters and Hoekstra at 26 percent, with Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard at 15 percent. Ann Arbor venture capitalist Rick Snyder and Kalamazoo state Sen. Tom George were each at 2 percent in the poll conducted by Marketing Resource Group for Lansing-based Inside Michigan Politics.

    Polls aside (well, some polls included) my guess is that the two most likely candidates to win the Michigan Republican Primary for Governor are Attorney General Mike Cox and Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard. Both of these would make good candidates and are fully qualified to run as candidate and to lead as candidate and elected executive official. I would support both quite enthusiastically beyond my role in partisan memberships.

  • Curt Wagner of Show Patrol tried and failed to explain how the time travel in the Stargate Atlantis episode “Time” works. He failed horribly. Simply put… the crew as we will know it in the next episode is all alive because they avoid going to the jungle planet at night and they went during the day to grab the creatures as instructed in the last video-camera-ball that was sent back in time just after the end of the episode. It was too late to avoid the ice planet “Hoth” that they visited in the episode “Water”.

It never stops and it will not slow down.
My gubernatorial neutrality pains me and there are two or three candidates I wish I could support above all else.