In today’s modern political climate I would claim that instead of the Marxists or the Socialists that is the Keynsians that are the greater threat to our economy and thus our prosperity on a personal and national level.

Essentially Keynsians believe in “capitalism” and/or “the free market economy” but believes that certain things are too important to be left at risk, that risk being liberty. For the most part they believe the best way to preserve a good way of life is to take control of things in nature in brand news ways so we do not risk losing those things, or having those things become expensive because they become rare (as the supplies run low). Most genuine Marxist-Leninist-Socialists (Communists, for the most part, with some exception) desire a sociopolitical reform to the point where the way of life of the average American is substantially and fundamentally altered and the old traditional way of life is harmed, damaged or destroyed.

On the other hand there are enough Keynsians who believe in concepts like “social justice” and “wealth gap”, the disparity in the amount of income and fiscal holdings between “rich” and “poor”, “upper class” and “middle class” that they would undermine good old-fashioned “invisible hand” economics in attempts to fix what they see as gross wrong. In this manner they are indistinguishable from the Communists of yesteryear, although the methods are entirely different and I believe the Keynsian economists lie to themselves.

Robert Stacy McCain, in the link, only goes on about the impact of the Keynsian policy of the federal goverment: the Bailout.