Surely that title can be an overall banner. Yet let us face it: what is the anniversary of an attack on our country by pagan tyrants hoping to stab fear straight and deep into the hearts of my countrymen is not being utilized by superficial politicians’ for “service”, political points.

This is the eighth anniversary of 9-11 and I do not want to focus on a “national day of service” or anything cheaply pacifistic like that.

Eight years after the attack where villains strove to drive us from the field of confrontation we come to brilliant realization that time itself has done that. Upon the attacks and from the attacks came President Bush George W. Bush’s military doctrine. That Bush Doctrine was simply that if your nation housed, sheltered and protected the terrorists (for lack of a better word) that were the enemies of our country, then your country was our enemy and we would militarily devastate your country until a surrender and a minor ideological reversal. Thus were the concept of multiple national fronts in a global War on these terrorists. Afghanistan, ruled by the Taliban and the former Mujaheddin, hid Al Queda and Osama bin Laden, those who attacked us. Iraq has a long history of sheltering the enemies of our nation and already had surrendered its national sovereignty to us as the result of a short war in the nineteen-nineties.

In eight short years we have devolved and eight years after the attacks we have a new President who does not see the pagan villains as threats and rather than pursue a global crusade to reveal the murderers in their hiding spots, he sees two wars. Rather than a larger cause that should be pursued he sees isolated political elements, a “good war” and a “dumb war” with a sick pervert’s view why we pursued the “dumb war” and it all hinges on political purposes. So if there is a global presence of the sort of terrorists that struck us on 9/11 the current President has issued a a blanket pardon on these sorts of madmen. There will be no active pursuit to flush them out and take the offensive against the darkness.

Worse yet is the Presidential pledges to have mercy on these child-killers.

This day was an impetus to strike back and then strike first. It is not a day of death but a reminder of who we must protect life from. To do so I take the narrow view that certain sorts of Muslims are arch-villains and frankly there are atheists and socialists and anarchists who would take the same stance against us, take the same actions, and they too should be hunted down. They should be hunted down. This is a day of violence. I am not an advocate of violence begetting violence.

This day should stand to remind us; we can never forget; we should remember the efforts that few would attempt to harm the many and how some cannot be deterred from evil and only can be destroyed. By no means is this a call against Islam, but if there is any call for vigilance and to perhaps the hunt these animalistic predators then this day and every anniversary thereof should be that call.

An American blood sacrifice of 3000 people, many of them victims and some of them heroes demands nothing less.