On September 1st, 1939 Germany declared war on and invaded Poland.

They took the nation quickly. The country remained under totalitarian rule until the nineteen-nineties. It was over 50 years before they regained freedom.

The British Empire had an alliance (treaty) with Poland and immediately declared war on Germany, plunging Europe and then the world into war, as Italy, France, and the Soviet Union involved themselves.

These are deadly alliances indeed. The United States were not dragged in until the early forties after the Empire of Japan attacked American naval bases in Hawaii.

It is ironic that Germany’s first act of imperialism after the Treaty of Versailles resulted in no retaliation and no war. This is what makes me think that war in and of itself is neither bad nor good. A war to stop the leftist and genocidal tyrants certainly is among the good.

Freedom is not free.