I remember watching a part of The Contender where the Vice Presidential appointee insisted that the Founders’ intended for a “Wall of separation of church and state” to prevent the government from being taken over by “religious” “fanaticism” and my brain popped open at that moment.

I mean, the American government being taken over by Christian fanatics is a bad thing and I say that without sarcasm or irony intended.

Yet the historical inaccuracy given to empty-headed trusting American movie-goers just fills me with blind rage and astonishment.

My point is that there is a book about God, religion, and the American founders that some day I wish… to own it. From Potemra:

Muñoz himself articulates a view… a system he summarizes as “no legal privileges, no legal penalties”: The state would be allowed to acknowledge religion in symbolic fashion, but not in such a way as to “affect individuals’ rights.”