I cannot speak to the presence of Fred Thompson, Neal Boortz, Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Miller, Paul W. Smith, or Michael Savage (among others) at this point in time, but almost every AM talk radio show host that I know of has vanished from delivery or his or her respective shows. Sadly Sean Hannity is an exception and remains on the air.

I am extremely disappointed that I missed all but one hour of Mark Steyn’s excellent substitution for Rush Limbaugh today. Rush was gone for the entire day but I missed the first two hours, not knowing during those two hours that Mister Limbaugh was taping for a role in a Family Guy episode.

When I turned on The Glenn Beck Program this morning shortly before 10 AM I found a guest host and Laura Ingraham also had a host host for her program. I turned to Frank Beckmann of WJR and found a guest host for him as well. Mark Steyn filled in for Rush. Jerry Doyle simply aired a “Best of Jerry Doyle” rerun. I am confused. This quite large to be merely a coincidence but too disparate to be related.