State Representative Rick Jones (Republican, Grand Ledge) released the following on his Facebook page in the past 70 minutes. I promise no updates as the situation continues. As usual I blame the Democrats.

Rick Jones Today I discovered that the Michigan Department of Corrections has released 44 inmates from prison who are sex offenders. And they released them by MISTAKE.

Rick Jones at 4:16pm July 1
I have made sure everyone in the state will know about it by tomorrow so that the releases will STOP. I also have personally called the director and demanded that they stop.

Rick Jones MDOC had 2 psychologists rating sex offenders for recidivism rates. They made a mistake with over 200 prison inmates. Now they are saying that 55 were released by MISTAKE. The Sheriff Departments are picking them up for the State.

Michael DeRyder

Michael DeRyder at 4:09pm July 1

That wouldn’t fly in Eaton County. The title of Sheriff in Eaton county has had some impeccable individuals hold that post! =)

Rick Jones at 4:13pm July 1
One of the inmates was picked up in Charlotte

Rick Jones MDOC told me that 44 sex offenders had been released from prison by mistake. Then they told the Detroit Free Press 55. Now we have reports that they are admitting to 62! There is NO excuse for releasing a sex offender by mistake.