This is a photograph of Jewel Staite holding on to her very fortunate husband. I stole it from her Myspace page. You don’t believe me? I don’t care. Just look at the photographs of her husband; they are the same guy. All I know is I never found this photograph anywhere else on Google and it is no longer on the MySpace page. (I apparently retrieved it Monday, ‎January ‎29, ‎2007. That is a long time to have second thoughts about hosting a bikini photograph).

Now thank me, go away, and don’t even pretend that I care enough to stalk these people. You want to stalk them I don’t want to know about it; go tell the Vancouver police. They will actually care.

Do you want to know the real reason I put up this picture, which I believe is genuine? I’m attempting to drive up my hit count. Now thank me! Read my theology.