From: Beth Alexander, M.D., M.S.
University Physician

RE: Swine influenza

There has been an increase in swine influenza, originally identified in
Mexico, throughout the United States and overseas as well.
Two years ago, MSU put into place a pandemic influenza plan that guides
our actions and decisions related to a potential pandemic. You can
access more information about what MSU is doing at I would like to emphasize that
in times of concern about infectious disease, it is very important that
we all are good citizens in terms of not abusing antiviral medications,
such as Tamiflu. At this point in an outbreak, these should be given
only when people have tested positive for Influenza A. If you believe
you have the symptoms of a respiratory flu, please see your health care
provider and ask for the rapid screening test before requesting
medication. If we misuse these drugs, we assure that they will not be
effective when people really need them. A PDF flier with simple
reminders and health tips is available for download/printing at
Thanks for your help.