Go read my whole six years worth of archives…. for crying out loud it’s good stuff! There’s more than bikini-clad Conservatives, fascinating poetry, and insights on philosophy and culture!

These are snapshots of history!

Well, that doesn’t really describe it.

The point is, nothing that Governor Granholm can do regarding Swine Flue or President Obama can do regarding General Motors has much to do with my thirty pages of stuff I have to minimally write.

So keep in mind as the economic apocalypse keeps on moving, it does not have to affect you.

In three weeks I will begin a photo essay explaining why it does not have to affect you… well, okay it always does.

But just because the economy in Michigan makes it difficult to be employed in this state does not mean you have to be unemployed in this state, but if you are going to just sit by your computer, read through my entire archives, make comments and suggestions, and if possible, tell me what you think can be turned into part of a book.