But I will do it anyway.

Chris Bunch is a Conservative Republican and he is running for Congress in California’s 10th Congressional District. This is not only in Madame Pelosi’s backyard (and since so many of her constituents like her it cannot help anyone’s cause for me to call her “Madame Pelosi” but it is only slightly better than Congressman Walberg calling her “Mother Pelosi” which I will jump to next) but he is running against a Democrat Party incumbent. All the rules say this is an uphill battle, but one of the things I know about climbing up a hill is that it is not impossible… and very much is the difficult crusade a worthy one.

So why should we bother backing him? Well, I like the concept of the large family and Mr. Bunch fathered four boys. He also is a noted warrior, literally, as he fought in both major theatres against terrorists and other hostile Anti-Americans. He makes a point immediately to stand for “Fiscal & Individual Reponsibility, Liberty and Independence, and national strength.” If those are just buzzwords they are still buzzwords I can get behind. So the question is…. does the endorsement of my weblog constituted sabotage or help? Could his reputation possibly be hurt by being mention in this weblog?

We may never know. Trust me: finding a good Conservative Republican in California is… difficult at best. Believe me, I have the personal experience!

His campaign’s Facebook Group is here.