Earth first! We’ll destroy the other planets later.

How to destroy the earth FAQ.

Destroying the earth as a point of interest – Geocide

That was fun. Let’s indulge in serious thought on environmentalist subjects… I will emphasize these are other people’s thoughts, and I agree with them because when it comes to some scientists and government watchdog groups, I am a zombie of sorts, but I do double-check for the sake of my own conscience.

Paul Chesser’s Climate Strategies Watch monitors the governments’ futile attempts to save the planet by screwing with nature and the economy. That last link is not actually a joke. More than like the governments’ attempts to save the planet will likely end in someone getting irradiated or obtaining cancer or worse.

Also serious:
Michael Crichton on DDT

YOU CAN EAT DDT!!! That will not kill you. People used to bathe in it before running off into mosquito-infested jungles to fight wars.