Three out of four scummers personally holding the American Captain Richard Phillips are dead. The fourth should be hung, in all propriety.

Now the rest of the pirate organization (such as it is) should be hunted down for the sheer affront to our power and status. That is how President Thomas Jefferson and other Americans of that time would deal with it, and the only good way to deal with these Enemies to Mankind.

I cannot believe I am now creating a Pirates label.

UPDATE 2009/04/13 8:04 AM – The “pirates vow revenge” on the United States for the proper treatment of their colleagues. This makes aggression against these villains a much more obvious need.

UPDATE 2009/04/13 9:38 AM – How it really happened; no mere politician was involved in the specific happenstances of the rescue, therefore National Command Authority only deserves credit and responsibility in the broadest sense.