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February 6, 2006 Monday 2:10 PM EST
Press Conference: Fearing School Reform at Stake, Neighborhood Groups in Chicago to Recruit Thousands of LSC Candidates


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— Press Conference: Fearing School Reform at Stake, Neighborhood Groups to Recruit Thousands of LSC Candidates– Elections vital to success of hundreds of Chicago public schools; information scarce as deadline approaches — Pivotal moment for public schools as new research reveals success in transforming public elementary schools on unprecedented scaleWHO: Thirty community groups and school reform organizations from across Chicago.WHAT: Citywide effort to recruit thousands of candidates by March 17 for Local School Council elections on April 19 – 20.WHERE: Egan Center, DePaul University, 1 East Jackson, Room C100 (lower concourse – take escalator down one floor), ChicagoWHEN: Wednesday, Feb. 8, 10 a.m.WHY: Leaders of more than 30 community organizations in Chicago, working as Community Partners for LSCs, will announce a major effort to recruit thousands of candidates for Local School Council elections. Deadline for candidate registration is March 17. Election is April 19 – 20 — time is critically short.New research reveals the remarkable success of local school management in schools that have used their authority well. More than 140 public elementary schools have been transformed. It is success on a scale that matters.Local School Councils are vital to the success of virtually every public school in the city. They have the authority to hire and fire their school principal and many other responsibilities that are central to Chicago’s strategy of placing power at the local school level. It is a strategy closely watched by educators throughout the country.

Contact: Eva Moon, 312-294-2261, or Jaime Arteaga, 312-322-4484, or Ray Boyer, 312-988-1518


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