Dr. Bob Basso is Thomas Paine in this wonderful internet meme. Listen. Get angry. Get inspired.

Jerry Doyle tells me/us that the President of the United States is “disturbed” (the President’s own words) by Dr. Basso’s actions and statements and believes that President Obama will and is attempting to intimidate the Doctor, a private citizen, away from his own First Amendment rights! I believe it.
I’ll write more on that in May, assuming there is a May.

I agree with almost everything in this video and insist that we carry out almost all of it, with some exceptions.

  • I am generally against term limits and only accept them where they are Constitutional. As a pragmatist, however, it may be the only way to pry some of these power-hungry demagogues away from their seats, yet the idea of not letting the people choose their representatives, however poor the choice, still rankles me.
  • Dr. Basso speaks of the Electoral College as some sort of violation of tradition, tearing away from the American spirit yet not only is the Electoral College Constitutional, it is an original part of the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers included it in our Highest Law, as part of the highest law of the land, because they envisioned a system where our popular vote could not be the method of choosing our President, lest the candidates only take it upon themselves to visit population centers in their respective campaigns. We should keep the Electoral College, if for no other reason than it is only a PR statement that a “majority of people’s votes” is an accurate reflection of national will.
  • I think compulsory military service is wrong, for the most part, because a professional army of the most deliberate and willful volunteers/mercenaries is the more enthusiastic fighting force and generally makes for the smartest, most intelligent, best-trained, and well-taught soldiers. The alternative is a group that serves their country out of duty and is without a doubt well-trained, but a group that lacks the fervor as they are conscripted and mildly resentful. To some extent they would be federal slaves. On the other hand some situations require a larger army in a pinch and if that situation came upon us, I would quickly enlist in the Navy rather than risk getting sent to the desert.
  • Compulsory civilian service smells contrary to the American dream, and runs contrary to American spirit.
  • Congressional pensions are way too high. We should not cut them for the sake of saving money; we need to cut them as a cultural move to make Congressional service more of a service role and less of a plush job with lifelong rewards. Some of these people screw up the country. I am looking at you Representative Frank! That fink Frank could get ousted in November 2010 and would continue to make the same annual income for the rest of his days.

Mark Schauer is a fake Moderate and real leftist. He is one of those genuine Progressive nanny-state politicians and I tell you he is not in Washington to represent you, but to “care” for you, regardless of what you think, feel, want, desire, and value.

Let us send this Arch-Democrat (and lawbreaker, but more on that later) some signs of our displeasure!

Do as Dr. Bob Basso recommends and mail this guy some teabags!

Buy a gun.