Yesterday was the Ides of March. I forgot.

Coincidentally I tried to have a documentary DVD on in the background with Ron Silver narrating. I popped in Citizens United’s “Celsius 41.11” knowing that there is a counter-Michael Moore movie that Mr. Silver narrated and knowing that Mr. Silver narrated the Citizens United flick Broken Promises, about the United Nations’ first 60 years. I obviously I was wrong. I went with it anyway, due to inertia/momentum/whichever.

My instincts must have sensed something and I should have adjusted.

Ron Silver was a good actor with a wonderful voice. He was intelligent. He was not always right and no human gets that way anyway, nowadays.

He did not survive the Ides of March.

He died of cancer. John Podhoretz memorializes him.

UPDATE: Roger L. Simon briefly eulogizes the actor/artist.

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