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President Obama Reverses Course On Stem Cell Research

If you glanced at your newspaper on Monday morning or read your news online instead, you might have seen an innocuous headline like this “President Obama Reverses Course On Stem Cell Research.” And if you didn’t know much about the issue you might have moved on.

I didn’t move on and I know conservatives nationwide were just as appalled as I was by the headline.

As Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said immediately afterwards, the government was “for the first time, incentivizing the destruction of human embryos at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.”

Indeed. I am enclosing below, links to two articles, I encourage you to read them and pass them on to friends and family.

Princeton professor Robert George and Author Eric Cohen penned this in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

Author Ryan Anderson wrote in the Weekly Standard this response:

You can expect the Vertical Politics Institute to join the fight for the sanctity of life very soon.

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Mike Huckabee