I ask the question about revolution.

When do we know that this is the choice? People often use the word on the internet but for a civilized society the choice of armed revolt is the last choice you make because after that declaration of independence there is no second chance. Either you win and you have your own government and you are responsible for the corner of the world… or you lose when the government you challenge catches you and hangs you. The punishment for treason is death and an attempt to undermine and overthrow your established regime is definitely an act of treason.

In the 1860s Jefferson Davis and a host of former colonies, States, succeeded from the Union and the Abraham Lincoln proved his determination to keep that Union. He preserved that Union. Many say today that Barack Obama is a reflection of Lincoln. Perhaps he is a Bizarro twist of a freedom-bringer. Abraham Lincoln kept the Union and proved his vision of the Constitution… at the barrel of a gun. He was two-fisted and hard-assed. He fired his generals when they failed him.

But if the Civil War went the other way it would have been a Revolution, right?

A bloody conflict where many Americans die for a vision of a nation… that description fits both our Revolution and our Civil War. These are full measures. People commit their lives and their energies to a cause one could deem holy. This is a cause that many deem worthy. Good men do not kill for nothing, but good men kill.

Remember that good men kill.

Good men also order other men to kill.

There is nothing pleasant about this. It is a recent invention that what is good is pleasant. Abraham Lincoln never was a fighting soldier, meeting bloody combat and including that in his experiences. But it was in the vision of the Founding Fathers that we have a civilian Commander-In-Chief. We have one today. We had one in Lincoln.

Lincoln committed men to die.
Lincoln committed men to kill.

Either course be it the victory of the rebels or the preservation of the union would have been a freedom for many purchase with the blood of others. In the case of Union the Americans sought to end a slave empire, nipping it in the bud. Emancipation really was freedom purchased with blood. All freedom is purchased with blood as currency. Freedom from sin 2000 years ago is the celestial template we follow when we re-state the bumper sticker mantra that forever defines the line we cross to appreciate our loves and enjoy the wide-open spaces: Freedom Isn’t Free.

The Emancipation I write of is of course the end of the American slave system and the great pledge in the West to terminate (on our end, anyway) the horrible pattern of slavery began in Africa.

Man and flesh as property ended.

But it took blood as sacrifice for man to be man and not an item.

So I read bloggers talk about revolution as if it will pop into being in their lifetime. Wow that’s bright. We lovingly toss about words that in real application mean violence and death on a massive scale. We casually toss about these words. Well, not we because not I.

If the United States is now socialist, secular, and these are the days that liberty dies, should we revolt? Should we not? Why not?

We will not revolt. I will not revolt. I am not anticipating a world that resembles the Postman anytime soon and I do not know how to ride a horse.

It is good to realize that somethings may come to fruition, but let’s not be stupid.