What I saw on Yahoo today:

Eric Holder is sworn in as attorney general (AP)

AP – Eric Holder, sworn in Tuesday as attorney general, promised a clean break with the past policies of the Bush administration, saying the Justice Department will be “no place for political favoritism.”

I insist that a politician-lawyer-cop’s insistence that there will be no “favoritism” is automatically a lie, but I think there is still irony in this man’s resume.

I hope to have time to pursue stuff on the FALN clemencies later. The man sympathized with murderous terrorists. The utility of such is a bit thin given my lack of consistent readership.

The irony always lies in “clean break”. The Bush administration, as far as I know, continued the horrific policy of Rendition. Attorney General Holder defends this policy as it allows him to distance the moral negligence from the President. The policy began under the Clinton Administration. This is no clean break.