From AP:

Treasury-designate Timothy Geithner emerged unscathed from his confirmation hearing, apologizing for having failed to pay $34,000 in taxes earlier in the decade.

Tens of hundreds if not tens of thousands of Americans lost their property and/or freedom to the government for owing sums less than or equal to 1/10 of that tax debt as their own respective tax debt. For his own excessive debt to this country he barely suffers and then he gets an incredible responsibility, massive glory, fantastic honor, and massive power. The Republicans and the Democrats endorse this travesty; this is sick. Timothy Geithner’s irresponsibility and bad behavior should not be rewarded; the Federal Legislators are being irresponsible by failing to take this fiend to task. The man charged with tight responsibility over federal economic matters should not be a man who not only makes an ordinary mistake but a man who willfully got away with cheating on his taxes. Other men have suffered more for lesser crimes quite literally!

I believe Timothy Geithner will be voted through with barely 2 or 6 votes against.

I do not know which of the behavior I have listed above is more disgusting. Feel free to comment by clicking the “Apologies” link below.