WLAJ interviewed economics Professor Charles Ballard regarding President Barack Obama and the financial crisis.

Professor Ballard, he who taught me the bulk of my knowledge of Microeconomics at Michigan State University (and who wrote his own textbook, not a mere course pack) is the go-to guy for all the local (television) news outlets whenever they need a sudden insight on something economic in their political reporting. In this instance Professor Ballard informed us that one of the best things President Obama can do and will attempt is to heal the American market/economy in part by restoring confidence in the economy.

to set a tone, a more optimistic tone, “let’s-roll-up-our-sleeves” sort of tone. I think that has already had some positive effects–

Certainly a man with as much public influence as Barack Obama can instill and inspire consumer confidence to the extent that some benefit may occur for the country. (That is not a sarcastic statement).

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What got me incensed (I demand an apology, get it?) is that Senator Barack Obama, when he was merely a candidate for President, would and did run down the American economy all the time. The fact is that a man with as much influence as Presidential Candidate Barack Obama wielded, every word he uttered as to how poor the economy was hurt confidence in the economy. The cheapest economist will tell you that confidence in the US market has a relationship to its health and growth. When confidence decreases so does the health of the market. For his own political gain Barack Obama spent chunks of 2008 hurting the American economy for his own political gain. The damage done to the markets, the damage he did to the markets, caused people to lose money, lose their jobs, hurt families. He did it just to provide an opportunity to promise to repair the market.