For the past six years the State Representative has been Phil LaJoy. He, a Republican, has been term-limited out and has been elected the Township Supervisor of/for Canton. The State Representative starting in January 2009 and continuing for two years is Democrat Dian Slavens. She defeated Republican Todd LaJoy, son of Phil LaJoy, for the position.

The 21st District is as follows

Wayne County (part)
— Belleville city
— Canton township (part)
—–That portion of the township which lies west of a line beginning at the
township limits of Canton and Haggerty Rd., north on Haggerty Rd. to
Michigan Ave., east on Michigan Ave. to S. Lotz Rd., north on S. Lotz
Rd. to Wiles Drain, west on Wiles Drain to I-275 Expy., north on I-275
Expy. to Tonquish Creek S. Branch, west on Tonquish Creek S. Branch to
Haggerty Rd., north on Haggerty Rd. to Joy Rd. (township limits of
— Van Buren township

The how and why of the change in power in the 2008 is not entirely certain. Leave it up to the Obama Wave? I do not know. I do know that Van Buren TWP and Belleville had more to do with Todd LaJoy’s defeat than anything else. He won Canton.