US Senator Saxby Chambliss (and Republican incumbent) ended his supposed election tie with a run-off election December 2nd. Apparently he blew out Democrat challenger Martin. According to the GA Secretary of State’s unofficial and incomplete elections results (the election was certified two days ago regardless),







57.5% 42.5% 100.0%

This means that the Democrats will not have a filibuster-proof majority when the US Senate convenes in 2009. Mind you, this does not account for absolutely every event with various crossing of party lines for certain votes and issues, but for the most part it means that nothing can be counted on and the Democrats could not obtain absolute legislative power.

It also means that Democrat comedian Al Franken does not need to work so hard to steal the US Senate election in MN from Republican incumbent Norm Coleman. Even if he succeeds (and God and the law willing, he will not) it still will not be able to give the Democrats the invincible procedural majority.