The following a letter sent by Chris Gast on November 5, 2008, the day after the election, regarding MI Proposal 2. That was the statewide ballot proposal regarding false science, sanctioning fetal stem cell research and opening the door to government funding.

Hello everyone,

I am sorry to report this, but it appears Proposal 2 will pass by a small margin. All the counties except Wayne have their votes reported. The vote currently stands 1,661,827 yes & 1,665,921 no. Wayne Co. is expected to be decisively in favor of Proposal 2, tipping the balance.

There are several things we can take away from this. First of all, thank you to everyone who joined this group, talked to friends and family about this issue, volunteered with passing out materials, and most of all for your NO vote.

It can be hard to see the positives in defeat; but they are there. First, according to poll data, you helped move at least 300,000 people to vote NO; that is no small feat. Support for this was overwhelming in the summer, and it merely limped across the finish line. Second, this vote doesn’t mean the end. I have participated in many contests; I have experienced resounding victories, nail-biting wins, numbing upsets and blowout losses. You will come to realize that in America, no matter how you did there is always another vote. The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all argued every day in America, and this will continue today and tomorrow.

The results showed us there are many of our friends and family who need to be better educated on this issue. To those who are concerned over the loss of human life that will result, you must educate people about the dangers of cheapening all human lives to benefit a very few. To those who are concerned of our focus on unsuccessful science in the face of better, ethical alternatives, you must educate people in the complex issue of stem cell research. To those concerned about your tax dollars funding research, you still have a vote and a voice; if your representative supports adding funding to this, tell them you think it’s not good for Michigan. To those concerned about bioethical issues like human cloning, that fight is still to come.

Rest assured, the various groups that make up MiCAUSE will continue fighting for these concerns in the coming days, months and years. Please, help them to continue educating people about these important issues. A constitutional amendment is only as permanent as its support from the people of Michigan.

Let us count our losses yesterday, learn from them today, and then continue on fighting for what is right tomorrow.

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Sir Winston Churchill

From everyone in MiCAUSE, thank you for your support the past few months, and everything you have done.

Chris Gast