Honestly this trailer reminds me that I don’t truly know what to make of this movie, what with its retroactive continuity and all that. But I know and I have always known that I cannot wait to see this and it looks awesome!

I wonder if this trailer includes spoilers. If it is true to the characters, however, then there are no spoilers. Manoman I love Star Trek.

The official location for the second trailer is here. The site for the official trailers for the eleventh Star Trek movie is here.

I do not have Quicktime on this computer anymore. I do not have iTunes yet again. I wonder if I should install the current versions. While I appreciate the total access the plugin allows to a multitude of internet media, I also appreciate and do not enjoy the system resources the programs automatically consume and I truly despise how they infest my system and do whatever they were programmed to do regardless of how much I desire they do only what I tell it and nothing further. In too many ways is this software like my government, as its makers think and desire what is best for my system and not leave the decisions to me.

When I was young and able to sort out where my files and applications went quite deliberately with Windows 98 I looked forward to a future where I would have such freedoms without Norton Uninstall. I love Norton Uninstall. Unfortunately in this future I have no such libertarian control of property. I have no freedom to alter my file locations thanks to the even stricter controls of the operating systems of the future.

Such are the steps towards LCARS, I suspect.

That said, I am so attracted to the bright and shininess that is new Star Trek. I merely hope that there is no dark cynicism of the future: that is not becoming to the Wagon Train to the Stars.

But I love the inclusion of that automobile!