I received the following e-mail from McCain campaign team the other day:

Dear Chris, Tuesday is the most important day in this campaign – and it’s all up to you. This election is going to be won by the side that turns out the most voters – and that’s why we need you to take the time on Tuesday to vote McCain-Palin at your local polling location. Based on the address we have on file for you, we’ve identified your polling location in Eaton county as: TOWNSHIP HALL

This location is 7.1 Miles from your location and will take 10 Minutes to drive to. To get more information or to change your starting point, please follow this link. If you believe this information to be in error or have additional questions, please call your local election official at 881490584 or visit their website by following this link. Also, please let us know if you think this is in error so we can update our information by clicking here.

My polling place is not in Potterville. They got it wrong by a great distance. I got a message from another that McCain team told him was his polling place was his old polling place. These sort of Get Out The Vote efforts/operations are a shambles.

So here’s what we do. Do your own homework. Leave early to vote, show up early, double check that you are at the right place and leave plenty of time to compensate. If you intend to vote for John McCain (or whomever, really), rely upon yourself and your own will. This is up to you more than any campaign. So vote. Don’t rely on a campaign to give you your information. But vote.