The cartoon is from William Warren of ALG, regarding the bias of an individual who profits from a President Obama and profits less from a Vice-President Sarah Palin.

Honestly, if Mitt Romney was the Republican Presidential candidate, all of the media would have their tights in a twist if Hugh Hewitt were moderating the Presidential debate. It would indeed be unfair for Hugh Hewitt to moderate a debate that Mitt Romney is participating in. Yet because the conflict of interest lies on the other side of the political face-off, or because Gwen Ifill is a PBS employee, she is trusted to an extent that tests the limits of incredulity.

Even Senator John McCain thinks she will do “a professional job”.

I still don’t trust her. Personal self-interest involving a lot of money is one very powerful lever. This may very well indicate that John McCain has questionable judgment regarding campaigning. It would not be the only indication, considering how he publicly announced that he is (ironically) instituting a cut-and-run approach to the Michigan front of the campaign, “suspending” the campaign in-state and re-allocating assets to other battleground states while apparently ceding all 17 electoral college votes to his opponent, freely. The other indications are canceling a night of the Republican National Convention, disrespecting the sitting American President at the Convention just for the sake of (wisely) distancing himself from the poorly-rated incumbent of his own Party, and “suspending” the campaign just because financial and economic aspects in the non-campaign political/business/commercial world have gone to pot and people were/are afraid!

Well that is all in the past now, but the ramifications have yet to be felt.