Pretty scary, huh?

Although I reckon some folk may vote for the Obama pumpkin as a statement for how frightened they would be for a nation with Barack Obama in charge *, many would simply vote for a Sarah Palin pumpkin because it is a fruit with their favorite political candidate on it, representing their partisan choice for Vice Presidential office.

Only spite drives me to say that is unlikely someone will make a Barack o’Lantern to show support for his Presidential campaign, although polls say that is a false statement.

One can vote for any one (and I presume only one) of any of the four choice candidates for President and Vice-President, although I am forced to believe that all of this voting stuff is merely a lure to get people to register with the official Better Homes & Gardens website.

There are both non-political and top-spot political celebrity carvings available to vote on. I’m not going to tell you for whom I voted, or if I even voted. That is my right.

It is more useful, however, to refer to the free stencils so you could actually replicate the project for your own front porch.

* (I know that Constitutionally the President is not in charge of the United States of America and that the POTUS being Leader of the Free World is merely a euphemism but if a properly elected President has just the right, by which I mean Left, laws in place, he is in charge).