On his October second PvP strip Scott Kurtz tells people the following

Anybody else feeling this kind of pressure about your choice this election? It’s getting brutal out there. More than ever, no matter who you choose, you gotta vote, kids!

The fact is you should vote if you want to vote, and if you believe you know who to vote for, or if you know who you want to vote for. If you cannot meet those criteria you should not vote for the sake of merely voting.

Republicans, Democrats, independents, and third party supporters all want you to vote for their own respective reasons but voting is a personal interaction with government, as a social and civic obligation. If one does not choose to honor the obligation, they owe no person or organization nothing. But assuming one should act to his own best interests, those interests are not honored by voting blindly, which is what the ‘you must vote’ mentality calls for.

You do not have to vote any year. That is your right.