The following is from the State News. I have absconded it without permission.

THE ISSUES: Larry Ward

69th District state House (R); 2-year term


Name: Larry Ward (R) Age: 41 Hometown: Williamston Education: Bachelor’s in aviation technology and management 1983, Western Michigan University Occupation: Financial services associate Family: Married to Karen; three sons Political background: None Web site:*/ Stance on the issues: Overcoming the state’s budget difficulties: Eliminate waste from government; hold the line in low-priority areas to preserve important budget items such as education and health care. Higher education affordability: Supports Merit Award scholarship program and other financial aid; address rising health care costs to help universities keep tuition increases low. Environment: Avid outdoorsman; use a broad bipartisan coalition to protect natural resources. Transportation: Roads are key to increased commerce and must be kept in good repair. Abortion rights: Opposes state funding for abortion. Affirmative action: Opposes discrimination of any type; recognizes importance of diversity on campus; decisions should be left up to universities’ governing boards, students and faculty. Gay rights: All humans are entitled to basic rights that should not be denied because of sexual orientation. Published on Monday, November 4, 2002