There is an episode from Stargate Atlantis Season 3 called “Sunday” where a nominally well-loved, popular character is written out by an enormously trivial-sounding B-plot macguffin. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Down to brass tacks.

  • Senator Barack Obama has selected former Nemesis Biden as his running mate. To be fair I would feel safer with President Biden than President Obama as far as experience goes, but ultimately the Democrat platform typically mirrors the more cynical and pessimistic swings, moods, shifts, and views of the country. I am not saying that those views are not valid at one point or another but I emphasize that no matter how everyone can believe what they want to belief, government policy should not be based on worst instincts, primal instincts, fears or feelings.
  • It is hideous that both Presidential candidates choose to frame those who produce and manufacture, distribute en masse, the fuels that power our daily commutes, as villains to be combated. In one television advertisement John McCain promises to “combat Big Oil”. Why must companies, corporate entities, people, be vilified for these candidates to be self-glorified, especially given that life would not be possible as we know it without these entities? In my mind these candidates become less and less worthy of the office simply for the weight of the false sins heaped on these other folk. John McCain seems like a lesser man for his attacks.
  • The 2008 State Republican Convention was a success in that all that they required to occur did. All I was required to accomplish was made done.

More later….