Essentially the NY Daily News summarizes the Funny or Die video that Paris Hilton made in response to the John McCain campaign’s video questioning whether Barack Obama’s celebrity status prepares him for the presidency.

When I first heard about Paris Hilton’s video response, my response was “‘Funny or Die’? Probably ‘Die’.”

I had heard audio from it and was not impressed. Then I actually saw the video.

See Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad and more funny videos on

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I’ll agree with Jim Manzi over at The Corner at National Review Online for this one. I will use his words as they are more intelligent than mine.

Note how she was careful to take one glancing shot at Obama, even though she was responding to a McCain ad. This was very well thought through. The scariest part of the whole thing is that her energy plan kind of made sense. It was certainly more coherent than anything put forward by either major campaign. (emphasis mine)

Regardless of what Senator McCain’s energy plan is or what Senator Obama’s energy plan is, what either of them have presented is less reasonable or less coherent than what Paris Hilton presented here. Is it not sad that Paris Hilton can show us a way better than either of the candidates for President of the United States?

Mind you the real reason it sounds better is because Paris Hilton has better writers than either Presidential campaign. That is even sadder; when the entire quest is to present Americans with the best information to make the most informed decision to choose the best man to be President, neither candidate was capable of hiring a writer or creative team as skilled as the one(s) that the Hilton family chose.

Jim Manzi asked “why can’t McCain get her writers?” I ask that question too.

In the meantime, how the McCain Campaign reacted to Paris Hilton’s video:

aides to McCain played right along.

“It sounds like Paris Hilton supports John McCain’s ‘all of the above’ approach to America’s energy crisis – including both alternatives and drilling. In reality, Paris Hilton may have a more substantive energy policy than Barack Obama,” said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds.

That may be a bit optimistic to hope that the Hiltons really side with the McCain Campaign, but Mr. Bounds has the right idea. It also may be not be an inaccurate idea as to where the Hiltons may be leaning. According to the New York Post, Kathy Hilton’s original response was that the Celebrity advertisement was “wasteful”. Aside from being a waste of time when there are serious issues to be discussed, she felt that the campaign-donors’ money was being wasted on efforts such as this. If it is true that Mrs. Hilton and her husband donated $4600 to the McCain Campaign earlier this year, then she certainly has some right to complain how the money is being spent.