When I was a child there was a program on CBS called Space Rangers. It was science fiction, live action and on primetime. I think it was at 8 PM on a week night. I was but in elementary school at the time, and it was not yet that I was in the Fifth Grade when the show started, last six whole episodes, and was canceled. I do not know if the show was bad or if it was merely not given a chance. I still don’t know. At that age few have good judgment on the quality of television-writing. The DVD release is horrifically prohibitively expensive for a six-episode batch. That rules out watching it willfully these days. Yet:

Space Rangers 7:00 PM, 4 hrs
Sat 05/24/2008
NR, English, Made for TV, 1993
Back-to-back episodes of the complete “Space Rangers” series follow a ragtag team of lawmen patrolling the outer reaches of the galaxy in 2104. As if being stuck as far from home as possible wasn’t bad enough, the squad has to deal with problems ranging from inferior equipment to bureaucratic meddling.
Cast & Credits: Jeff Kaake, Linda Hunt, Jack McGee, Marjorie Monaghan, Danny Quinn

Tonight the Ion television network (a micro-network that is smaller than the CW, but is the size Fox, the WB or UPN once was, I reckon; it was once known as Pax and then i Network) as part of their RHI Movie Weekend time block, is playing all six episodes as one entry from 7 PM to 11 PM.

I presume that this particular program is all six episodes poorly edited into one four-hour movie with few breaks. There will be advertisements. But based on the opening credits I reckon it is all one bit. The credits for each episode was presented at he beginning of this 7 PM broadcast. It’s hard to say if the movie will present the complete contents of all six episodes. It’s hard to say what the individual links of the respective episodes are, let alone how they fit into a four-hour block, or if they would fit into one with commercials included.

Unfortunately I probably will not be able to see the whole thing tonight; I lost the VCR remote and so I cannot record it. Fortunately these RHI presentations come back as reruns time and again.

Someday I’ll properly be able to review some semblance of the show, but as old as I am I do not think I’ll give Space Rangers the benefit of the doubt.